Naval College

The Role Of the Naval College

The Naval College is responsible for all training within the Naval Service. The primary function of The Naval College is to Train Naval personnel for effective naval operations in Defence of the State's interests. The Officer Commanding the Naval College reports directly to the Flag Officer on all matters related to Naval Service training.

The Naval College inducts, trains and educates Naval Service personnel for the challenges of naval life in the 21st Century. These challenges include an ability to respond effectively to the legal, political, economic and scientific challenges that will arise in an ever-changing global arena.
This capability is achieved through basic, continuous and specialist training and education benchmarked on the highest relevant standard.

The Naval College is broken into sub schools as follows:

Officer Training School

OTS is responsible for the co-ordination of all Officer training catering for Direct Entry Officers, Cadet Entry Officers and Commissioned from the Ranks Officers.

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Military and Naval Operational Training School

In the Military and Naval Operation Training School, Naval Service personnel learn such skills as Foot and Arms Drill, Weapons and Tactical Training, Physical Training and a number of skills courses required for personnel serving at sea including Damage Control & Fire Fighting (DCFF), Personal Survival Techniques (PST)

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School of Naval Engineering

The School of Naval Engineering provides, among some of its training courses, training in Damage Control & Fire Fighting and operates a Fire Fighting and Damage Control facility and provides theoretical and practical training in Damage Control and Fire Fighting skills to International Maritime Organisation standards.

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The College is situated in two locations:

  • Naval College training Naval Base
  • Naval College training in National Maritime College of Ireland (NMCI) located in Ringaskiddy.

All Military aspects of Naval Service training e.g. marching and weapons training takes place within the Naval College establishments on the Naval Base. The Naval Base College section includes Naval College HQ, Cadet Training and the Operational Training School.

Naval College HQ co-ordinates all administration for the Naval College and ensures correct training procedures are adhered to.

The NMCI affords the Naval College access to state of the art training facilities. Within the NMCI all non-military training takes place. All students within the NS will undertake courses in the NMCI.

Initial Recruit and Cadet Training are based in the Naval Base with both Cadets and Recruits attending the NMCI for the specialised modules of training, e.g. Sea Survival and Fire-fighting.

On completion of Recruit training it is usual for Branch training, Communications, Seamanship, Mechanicians, and Logistics to take place in the NMCI.

Other courses within the NMCI are Trainee Technician schemes. These are courses whereby personnel within the Naval Service can apply to train as Electrical Artificers, Engine Room Artificers (Diesel Mechanic), Radio and Radar Technician.

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