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DF Review 2018 – Peacekeeping & Peacemaking Interventions

2018 represents the 60th Anniversary of when in 1958 Irish troops were first deployed on a UN mission since the foundation of the State as Military Observers (UNMOs) in Lebanon. It is also the 40th Anniversary of an Irish Infantry Battalion being deployed to UNIFIL in South Lebanon, where the Defence Forces maintains a significant presence. It is therefore fitting that this years edition of the DF Review should examine a key debate for our times, namely the evolution, development and indeed relevance of Peacekeeping and Peacemaking Interventions; a debate never more focused in view of the continuing catastrophic conflict in Syria and the ripple effects of same including the ongoing refugee crisis.

Papers are invited for submission across the broad spectrum of this evolving sphere of academic studies under the rubric of Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution that will discuss the contested humanitarian space and evaluate the principles of peace support operations:

  • The debate between traditional peacekeeping and peace enforcement actions under the UN Charter.
  • Comparisons with peace support operations around the world, both past and present.
  • Contributions that scrutinize the effectiveness of such missions and indeed how and in what terms success can be measured.
  • Discussion of the legal basis and framework or the inherent political constraints on peace support operations.
  • The role of regional organizations such as NATO, the EU, the AU (African Union) in peace-support operations and the often critical yet overlooked role of NGOs in such conflicts.
  • Civil-military relations and demarcation of same on peace support missions.

The DF Review will be published in 2018 in collaboration with NUIG and is delighted to have as part of the joint Editorial Team Dr. Brendan Flynn, Dr. Niall Ó’Dochartaigh and Prof. Ray Murphy. The review will be launched in conjunction with an Academic Seminar held at NUIG (November 2018) hosted by the School of Political Science and Sociology (NUIG), and the Irish Centre for Human Rights, one of the world's premier academic human rights institutions, dedicated to the study and promotion of human rights, international criminal law and humanitarian law.

Launch Date

Thursday 22nd November 2018 in NUIG, Galway

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