Training Schools of the DFTC

The CIS School

The Communications and Information Services School conducts courses for all ranks relating to the role and employment of communications equipment, including communications security and maintenance.

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The Transport Vehicle Maintenance School

The role of the Transport Vehicle Maintenance School (TVMS) is to maintain high standards of driving within the Defence Forces (DF). To this end, it conducts various driving courses on a variety of vehicles which ensures DF personnel are proficient in the safe operation of military propelled vehicles. Additionally, the TVMS is also tasked with coordinating and supervising mechanical training of fitters so that the DF vehicle fleet is maintained in an efficient and cost effective manner.

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The Ordnance School

The Ordnance School provides instruction to meet the requirements of the Ordnance Corps and the Defence Forces in technical areas that fall within the Corps area of responsibility and expertise. It does this by providing career courses and other shorter courses normally on specialist areas or individual equipment. Career courses are of longer duration and are required to qualify the student to fill a specific technical grade. Most career courses have a second follow up course where the student builds on the knowledge, skills and leadership obtained on the basic course.

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The Military Police School

The Military Police School provides instruction in policing and related subjects to personnel of the Military Police Corps. Examples of courses conducted include: MP Officers Courses, MP Probationers Courses, Provost Standard NCO Courses, Investigation Courses, Drugs Courses, and Police Photographers Courses. They also run an occasional International MP Course.

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The Engineer School

The focus of the Engineer School is on combat engineering, mobility and counter mobility operations: bridging, demolitions, mine clearance and obstacle breaching. They also conduct Engineer Special Search Team (ESST) training. They provide mine awareness training for all corps and indeed for the Garda SÁochána (our civilian police force) and certain NGOs. Some of the courses conducted in the Engineer School are open to foreign participants.

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The Medical School

The Medical School conducts training for medical personnel of all services. They coordinate Emergency Medical Technician training and provide training in medical matters and hygiene for all units of the Defence Forces. Typical courses here would be: Occupational First Aid and Ambulance Skills Courses.

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The Defence Forces School of Catering

The Defence Forces School of Catering (DFSC) is the primary institution which is tasked with the delivery of all catering and catering management training to members of the Defence Forces (DF). The school has been in operation as a training establishment of the DF since the foundation of the National Army in 1922. Since then it has been known under various titles, Army School of Cookery, Army School of Catering and its latest title the Defence Forces School of Catering. While its appellations have changed with the trends of the times, its core mission has not; it still remains the centre and repository for all DF catering skills and catering management training.

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