The Reading Programme - Part 1

History of the Irish Soldier
Book Author
The Struggle for Independence  

The Year of Liberty The
History of the Great lrish Rebellion of 1798
T. Pakenham

The Easter Rebelion M. Caulfield
Guerilla Days in Ireland T. Barry
The Lost Leader M. Forester
The Irish War of Independence M. Hopkinson
History of the
Defence Forces

A History of the Irish Army

J.P. Duggan


In the Service of Peace

Edited by Comdt  B. O'Shea
Irishbatt H. McDonald
Peace Keeper Comdt D. Harvey
Heroes of Jadotville:
The Soldier's Story
R. Doyle
Siege of Jadotville Declan Power

Orange, Green and Khaki
The Story of Irish Regts in the Great War
T. Johnstone

The Tenth (Irish) Division in Gallipoli B. Cooper

Ireland's Unknown Soldiers
the 16th (Irish) Division in the Great War
T. Denman

Irish Voices from the Great War M. Duggan
They Shall Not Grow Old M. Duggan

Clear the Way A History of the 38th (Irish) Brigade, 1941-47 R. Doherty

Irish Men and Women in the Second World War R. Doherty

Irish Generals Irish Generals in the British army in WWII R. Doherty

Front of the Line 'Adventures with the Irish Brigade' C. Gunner

Misc A History of the Irish Soldier A.E.C. Bredin
Ireland and the Crimean War D. Murphy
Irish Winners of the Victoria Cross R. Doherty
D. Tuesdale
The Connaught Rangers T.P. Kilfeather
Green against Green The History of the Irish CIvil War M. Hopkinson

A Military History of Ireland Edited by:
Prof Tom Bartlett
World War I
The First World War J. Keegan
History of the First World War B.H. Liddell Hart
The First Day of the Somme Middlebrook
Gallipoli M. Hickey
World War II
The Second World War E. A. Wheal & S. Pope
Panzer Leader General H. Guderian
Knights Cross A Life of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel D. Fraser
Lost Victories The War Memoirs of Hitlers Most Brilliant General Field Marshal E. Von Manstein
Stalingrad A. Beevor
Berlin The Down Fall 1945 A. Beevor
War as I knew it Gen G.S Patton
In Time of War Ireland and WW II R Fisk


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