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The Naval Service is an integral part of Óglaigh na hÉireann as the maritime component of the Defence Forces.  With a complement of 1,094 men and women drawn from the 32 counties of Ireland, the Naval Service strives to recruit the best personnel. There are two entry levels for joining the Naval Service i.e. as a Cadet or as a Recruit. Each approach offers a different career path and differing challenges. 

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Officers are the managers, decision makers, and leaders of the Defence Forces. A Naval Service Officer specialises in Operations Branch or Engineering Branch. Officers of the Operations Branch of the Naval Service are responsible for the efficient running of the ship. It is only from within this Branch that an Officer may become the Commanding Officer or Captain of a ship. The Engineering Branch Cadet will be trained to a level whereby he/she can fill an appointment as a ship’s Marine Engineering Officer or Electrical Engineer. The Engineering Officer is responsible for everything that keeps a ship afloat, moving and habitable. Electrical Officers are responsible for all the electrical components ashore and at sea. The attributes of a good Officer include the ability to make good decisions in stressful situations, an interest in physical fitness, have good communications skills and ability to motivate and work well with others.

If you think you could lead a team of sailors aboard a ship of the Irish Naval Service then find out what a Naval Service Cadetship could have in store for you today.


Naval Service recruits go on to form the backbone of the Irish Naval Service. Recruit training last 20 weeks and on successful completion of the course the Recruit takes up a position as an Ordinary Seaman aboard one of the ships of the Irish Naval Service. The responsibilities of an Ordinary Seaman can include the maintenance of essential services on ship to the armed boarding of other vessels as part of a drugs interdiction mission. If you are interested in a life at sea then serve with the best as a Naval Service Recruit

Naval Service Manpower Office

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Office: Lo-Call 1890 262828 or 021 486 4732

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