Sport in the Defence Forces

Sport in the Defence Forces makes a vital contribution to fighting spirit, morale, personal development and ultimatley, operational effectiveness. It plays an important part in overall Military Life, including recruiting and retention and in many instances sport provides excellent public visiblity of the Defence Forces, contributing to public image.

Physical fitness is a basic requirement on Military life. Military life places unique physical and psychological demands on units and individuals. In order to be prepared for these demands it is necessary to create a fitness training structure.

In addition, Adventure Training is an invaluable addition to formal military training helping support to values and standards of the Defence Forces. It enhances the individual’s ability to withstand the rigors of operations and rapid deployment.

The Defence Forces Athletic Association (DFAA) oversees the general sporting bodies within the Defence Forces while Defence Forces Combined Adventure Training (DFCAT) oversees adventure training.

Levels of Participation

Unit Level

Sport at this level should be aimed at embracing and incorporating all personnel in the Defence Forces with fitness, overall health and fun being the objectives. Competitions can be run at platoon/company level. Unit Commanders in conjunction with sports represenatatives and PTI's are responsible for all aspects of sport at this level.

Brigade Level

At Brigade level, sport is aimed at the higher performer with competition, victory, teamwork and espirit de corps ebing the objectives. Sporting events at Brigade formation level come under the responsibility of the Brigade Executive Officer (EO) in conjunction with Brigade Physical Education Officers (BPEOs) and other Brigade representatives.

Defence Forces Level

Participation at Defence Forces level is again for the high  performer. DDFT, DFAA and Sports committes chairpersons are responsible for all aspects of sport at this level.

International and CISM Level

This level of sporting particpation is aimed at the elite performer in the Defence Forces. Again the DDFT, DFAA and Defence Forces committees are responsible for all aspects of sport at this level.


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