On Tour

Overseas service - a tour of duty - is an integral part of military life. All Defence Forces personnel will experience a tour of duty at some stage of their military career, some will take part in many tours in many unusual and difficult theatres. Overseas service is enriching for a soldier both to his military and personal life.

The Commander

“‘Patrolling’. To me that is what this trip was mainly about. Patrols were a challenging and difficult job. Although ‘patrolling’ would be a good word to sum up the mission, an equally good word to sum up our time in Chad would be ‘dust’… a lot of dust”. Read more from about the life of a The Commander during a tour of duty in Chad.

The Padre and The Soul Zone

The Chaplaincy service does vital work within the Defence Forces, especially overseas, providing pastoral care and a friendly voice in time of need. Read a The Padre's view on military life while on a tour of duty in Chad. 

Doctor on Call

“A key aspect of preparation for overseas service is the medical talks that are given to the troops that make them aware of the harsh environment into which they will be deploying in terms of climate, conditions and diseases.” Read more about a Senior Medical Officer who was deployed in Chad with the 98th Infantry Battalion.

Personnel receiving their medals in Liberia


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Overseas Service

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