Aircraft Mechanic

Member Profile
Rank Airman
Name Colin Heaslip
Job Aircraft Maintenance Technician
Unit Flight Training School, Air Corps College

In the Flight Training School we operate the Pilatus PC-9M, a two-seater single-engined turboprop aircraft to train Air Corps pilots. As an Aircraft Maintenance Technician, my primarily job as part of the unit’s technical team is to carry out first- and second-line maintenance to keep the aircraft flying. First line maintenance consists of: Daily Inspections, Pre-Flight and Turnaround Checks. Second line maintenance consists of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. Scheduled maintenance is based on how many hours the aircraft has flown. The more the hours flown, the bigger the inspection. This can include everything from 150hour, 300hour and 5year inspections. Unscheduled maintenance consists of IRAN’s (Inspect Repair as Necessary).  Another important part of my job is my Ramp Crew duties. These includes refuelling, arming, dispatching, taxiing, towing and mooring the aircraft when carrying out compressor washes and engine runs.

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