Live Fire Tactical Training

Expanding the Comfort Zone

Live Fire Tactical Training (LFTT) is as close to combat as any soldier will get, involving all the chaos of a live fire situation while aiming to create a safe environment for troops to learn.

Taking place in the Glen of Imaal, the Infantry Weapons Wing (IWW) run the Live Fire Tactical Training (LFTT) course to train the next generation of live fire instructors, culminating with a night attack that will challenge everything they have learnt over a seven-week period.  The Glen, recognisable to most soldiers, can create a range of seasons all within the space of a couple of hours.  When the exercise begins, a para-illumination turns night into day, lighting the ground up, casting the shadows of soldiers silently advancing towards the enemy position. Weapons roar into action, with tracer rounds zipping through the air, identified by the sporadic streaks of red. 

The heat of both soldier and weapon hovers with the smoke from the rounds, above their heads in the night cold. The advancing force had a tough time at the beginning with instructors monitoring every movement, but slowly the troops manoeuvre under their own initiative. It is essential that the troops get comfortable and are able to work on their own accord. In a real life situation, the troops must be alert and capable to work under the live fire situation.

The course feeds trained instructors back into the units and pushes the LFTT concept throughout the Defence Forces, using a range of weapon systems and have the men working in a safe environment. The course initially circles around the theory - with students progressing to conducting exercises out on ground. Dry and blank drills develop into the buddy pair’s stage and then onto platoon level attacks, culminating in night attacks.

The newly qualified LFTT instructors will go back to their units and train the next generation of soldiers on developing a stronger constitution in live exercises and learning to deal with real life conflict situations in a safe and effective manner.

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