Recruit Training (Seventeen weeks)

The Recruit Training Syllabus is designed to produce a physically fit, disciplined and motivated Two Star Infantry soldier with basic military skills. Recruit training is foundation military training. It is seventeen weeks in duration. It is followed by 3 Star training and at a later stage by Trained Soldier Specialist Training courses.

Recruits during a PT Battle Run

Phase 1: Induction (Two weeks)

This period will include a Defence Force orientation package, adventure training and information/motivational instruction to the recruit. The Induction period seeks to present a positive approach with the promotion of the Defence Forces as a progressive and forward looking organization. The period will also include personnel/logistical administration, some aspects of health and safety education and training, medical intake processing and an introduction to physical educational training. The training format will include both lecture and practical demonstrations.

Recruits learning about their rifle

Stage 2: Introductory Training Period (6 weeks)

Instructional focus will centre on Foot/Arms Drill, Rifle Marksmanship (to include the Recruits Annual Personal Weapons Test), GPMG (to include the Recruits Annual Personal Weapons Test), and Physical Fitness. 

Phase 3 — Tactical Training Period (6 Weeks) 

The main instructional focus during this phase will be tactical training and will culminate with the five (5) day exercise in week 14.  This training will focus on imparting to the recruit a thorough knowledge of Section level tactics.

Phase 4 - Final Training Period (3 Weeks) 

The emphasis during this phase will be on the final approval of the recruit and preparations for the Passing Out Parade. 

Unit Assignment

Recruits who are deemed to have successfully completed the training programme receive their Unit assignment in the last week of the Recruit course.

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