Air Corps Recruits

Who we want:

Air Corp recruits are the backbone of the Irish Air Corp. They are the frontline soldiers of the Air Corp. The Defence Forces is looking for people who are looking for a challenging and physically demanding career in the military. Applicants should have

  • The ability to work in a disciplined military environment.
  • The ability to work with others in a team.
  • Work well in a high pressure and physically demanding environment.
  • Be willing to serve aboard for extended periods of time.

On qualification recruits take up a position as a three star private in one of the Air Corp Squadrons in Baldonnel.


No formal education qualifications are required to join the Defence Forces as a recruit. However, you must satisfy the interview board and the recruiting Officer that you possess a sufficient standard of education for service in the Defence forces.

Age Limitations

Applicants must be not less than 18 years of age and under 25 years of age on the date deemed as the closing date for applications. 


Recruit Competitions are held by the Defence Forces as required and are the only way to join the Defence Forces to become a Recruit. Candidates undergo fitness testing, psychometric testing, an interview and a medical exam. In conjunction with this all candidates will be security vetted by An Garda Siochana. Candidates will be required to pass both the medical examination and security vetting to be considered for induction.

The Induction Process will determine if you have the potential to become an Airman in the Air Corp.

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The Recruit Training Syllabus is designed to produce a physically fit, disciplined and motivated Two Star Infantry Soldier with basic military skills. Recruit training is foundation military training. It is seventeen weeks in duration. It is followed by 3 Star training and at a later stage by Trained Soldier Specialist Training courses. 

Do you have what it takes to complete Recruit Training?


Recruits are paid from the day that they join the Defence Forces. Your future pay scale will depend on how far you progress up the ranks.

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