Wednesday 06th December 2017 - Defence Forces Conduct Major Exercise.

Earlier today, the Defence Forces conducted a major exercise in a number of locations around Dublin, including Dublin Port and Airport.

The exercise involved over 500 Defence Forces personnel, including the elite Army Ranger Wing, the Naval Service and Air Corps. An Garda Síochána were also involved.

The exercise centred on how the Defence Forces would respond to a possible request from An Garda Síochána following a ‘major on-island terrorist incident’. In undertaking this exercise, the Defence Forces practiced various operational and tactical procedures.

Speaking about the exercise the Minister with Responsibility for Defence Mr. Paul Kehoe T.D. stated:

“It is vital to ensure that the men and women of the Defence Forces are prepared to support An Garda Síochana in the event of a major terrorist incident. This exercise allows the Defence Forces to build on their capabilities and preparedness and develop their procedures with An Garda Síochána.”

The Chief of Staff Vice Admiral Mark Mellett added:

“The primary purpose of today was to exercise our plans and our ability to provide the military capability to support An Garda Síochána in the event of a major terrorist incident. The exercise was a success, we have identified lessons from it and we will continue to build on them in future exercises.”

The Defence Forces constantly prepare on an on-going basis to support the Civil Authorities in the event of a national security incident and will continue to enhance our response capability with exercises such as this in the future.

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Press Release Date: Wednesday 06th December 2017

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