Military Guard CeremonyThe National Monument

A Ceremonial Military Guard will parade at the site of the ‘National Memorial to Members of the Defence Forces who died in the Service of the State’, at Merrion Square park, Dublin during July and August.

Ceremonies will take place at Merrion Square Park, every Saturday from 19th July to Saturday 23rd August 2014.

Units from throughout the Defence Forces and across the Army, Air Corps and Naval Service will participate in this Military Guard Ceremony in solemn remembrance of their fallen comrades.

The ceremony will last approximately one hour.

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Learjet 45

The Air Corps currently operates one Learjet 45. This aircraft entered service in 2004 and operates seven days a week usually in the Ministerial Air Transport role.

In addition to its transport role, the Learjet 45 regularly carries out national and international patient transfer services in conjunction with the Department of Health and Children. In order to do such, the aircraft can be modified within an hour whereby seats are removed from its interior allowing a fully independent Lifeport stretcher system to be installed in the cabin.

This system allows patients to be transferred directly from an ambulance to the aircraft by use of a specially modified loading ramp. The Lifeport stretcher system then provides a fully independent electrical, oxygen, vacumn and air source to medical personnel on board the aircraft for the patient transfer. The system is designed to transport patients requiring advanced life support.


  • Presidential & Ministerial Transport
  • Military & VIP Transport
  • Air Ambulance
Learjet 45 Statistics

Aircraft Type

Bombardier Learjet 45


Presidential, Ministerial, Military and VIP transport & Air ambulance


2 Pilots, 1 Flight Attendant and up to 7 Passengers


2 x Honeywell TFE731-20AR-1B turbofans

Wing Span

14.58 metres (47 feet, 10 inches)


4.29 metres (14 feet, 1 inches)


17.81 metres (58 feet, 5 inches)


Not Applicable

Entered Service


Learjet 45 Performance

Max T/O Weight

9,762 kilogrammes (21,500 pounds)

Service Ceiling

51,000 feet

Cruise Speed

Mach 0.78

Maximum Speed

Mach 0.81


4 hours, 30 minutes (Plus Reserves)


2,000 nautical miles

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