• Roles of the Air Corps

    Our Primary Role is to support the Army

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  • The Air Corps Fleet

    Fleet flypast on O'Connell Street 2006

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  • Equipment

    Rosenbauer Panther Crash Rescue Tender

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  • Training

    With The Air Corps College

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  • Air Corps History

    Fouga Magisters arrived in 1975

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The Air Corps is the air component of the Permanent Defence Forces, based at Casement Aerodrome, Baldonnel, Co. Dublin. Today, approximately 750 men and women serve in the Air Corps, each making a unique and significant contribution to fulfilling the roles, both primary and secondary as assigned by government.

The Air Corps has recently completed a major fleet upgrade programme whereby many of its older aircraft have been replaced by modern, state of the art military aircraft. This in turn has allowed for increased efficiency, increased output and significant improved capabilities as we progress through the 21st century.

The Air Corps currently operates 17 fixed wing aircraft and 10 rotary wing aircraft along with two simulators; a PC-9M and a multi-crew trainer.


Roles of the Air Corps

Military Air Defence

The role of the Air Corps under the Defence Act is to contribute to the security of the State by providing for the Military Air Defence of its airspace. However in times of peace it is more usual for the Air Corps to fulfil the roles assigned by Government through the deployment of a well motivated and effective Air Corps.