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Army applicants must be at least 18 years old and under the age of 25 years of age on the closing date for applications.

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Both Competitions will close on Sunday 22nd April 2018.


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16 November 1991 - 15 November 1993

  • UNAMIC and UNTAC Medals

By the 1990s Cambodia, once considered 'the jewel of South East Asia', had been ravaged by two decades of war, civil strife, regimes of terror and intense periods of famine. In October 1991, with the co-operation of the five Permanent Members of the UN Security Council, plus members of the Association of South East Asia Nations, the conflicting parties in the country signed the Paris Peace Agreement. Included in the agreement was the establishment of the UNTAC force for deployment in March 1992. However, when Cambodia's transitional government requested UN assistance to fill the interim four months, the Security Council passed UNSCR 791, establishing UNAMIC to assist in the process until UNTAC could be deployed.

UNTAC's role was to assist in what amounted to a total rehabilitation of the crippled state. The all-encompassing mandate included aspects relating to human rights, the organisation and conduct of free and fair elections, military arrangements, civil administration, maintenance of law and order, repatriation and resettlement of Cambodian refugees and displaced people, and the rehabilitation of essential Cambodian infrastructures. UNAMIC, with a total strength of 379 drawn from 22 countries spanning the continents, prepared the way.

The mandate of UNAMIC's military component was to facilitate communications between the military headquarters of the Cambodian parties in matters relating to the observance of the ceasefire; to establish a mine awareness group; and to establish and conduct a Mixed Military Working Group, comprising an officer of the rank of Brigadier General from each of the conflicting parties.

On March 15th Lieutenant General John Sanderson of Australia (Force Commander UNTAC) arrived in Phnom Pen, marking UNAMIC's absorption into UNTAC.  The UNTAC mandate component relating to military arrangements was made difficult by the non-cooperation of the Khmer Rouge. Gradually, however, the situation began to normalise and Irish involvement ended in 1993.

Operation Details
Duration: 16 November 1991 - 15 November 1993
Operation type: UN led Peacekeeping Operations (Observer)
Commitment: 38 cumulative missions

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