June 2004

In May 2003 the MINUCI mission to CÁ´te d'Ivoire was set up by UNSCR 1479 after the UN determined that the situation in the country constituted a threat to international peace and security in the region. The mission, which included a military component, was tasked with assisting in the implementation of an agreement between the conflicting parties and complementing the operations of the peacekeeping force in the country provided by West African states and France.

In April 2004, the UN determined that the situation in CÁ´te d'Ivoire still posed a threat to international peace and in Resolution 1528 the MINUCI mission was replaced by a UN peacekeeping operation, UNOCI. The new force's new mandate incorporated MINUCI's but was expanded to include disarmament, demobilisation, reintegration, resettlement and repatriation, as well as protecting UN personnel.

The force has a strength of 6,640 military personnel including 200 military observers. It is among this observer group that officers from the Defence Forces continue to serve.

Operation Details
Operation Type      UN led Peacekeeping Operations (Observer)
Committment 2


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