United Nations Disengagement Observer Force

June 1997 — August 1998

September 2013 - to date

UNDOF was established by UNSCR350 in 1974 following the agreed disengagement of Israeli and Syrian forces on the Golan Heights after the ending of the Yom Kippur War.

The Force deployed in and around an area of separation, which is 80km long and varying from 10km to 1km in width. 

UNDOF is the only military presence allowed in the area of separation, and it has 44 manned positions and 11 observation posts.

The Defence Forces’ first contribution to this mission consisted of providing one force commander, Brigadier General Dave Stapleton (RIP) (subsequently Chief of Staff of the Defence Forces).

In September 2013 the Defence Forces have been asked to participate and supply a larger group of troops to the Mission. They will be  primarily tasked as the Force Mobile Reserve to undertake reinforcement, reaction, escort and other operations throughout UNDOF’s Area of Responsibility.

Operation Details
Duration: June 1997 — August 1998
September 2103 - to date
Operation type: UN led Peacekeeping Operations (Troops) 
Committment: 138 since September 2013


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