Current Missions

Currently the Defence Forces is involved in a number of missions throughout the world involving approximately one hundred Personnel from all branches.  This number will change to include the 440 personnel who will be involved with the new mission to Lebanon which was confirmed at that time by Minister for Defence.

File Image - EUFOR badge - Bosnia


MINURSO - September 1991 — to date 

The deployment of MINURSO stems from a dispute over the former Spanish Sahara, situated on the north-west African coast, between Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania and the Atlantic Ocean.

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MONUC - June 2001 to date

The Democratic Republic of Congo and five regional states signed the Lusaka Ceasefire Agreement in July 1999. In response the UN Security Council passed Resolution 1279, which included the establishment of United Nations Observer Mission in Congo (MONUC).

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EUTM (Mali) - February 2013 to date

On 18 February 2013, the European Council agreed to set up a military mission to contribute to training of the Mali security forces.

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ISAF - December 2001 to date

On December 5th, 2001 the Bonn Agreement was signed by leading Afghan political figures and representatives of the leading world powers. Resulting from this agreement an international force, ISAF, was established to secure peace and stability in Afghanistan.

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EUFOR/SFOR - May 1997 — to date

Under UNSCR 1031 NATO was given the mandate to implement the military aspects of the Dayton Peace Agreements following the end of the war in Bosnia Herzegovina in 1995. As a result IFOR (Implementation Force) was deployed and completed its mission by December 1996 and was subsequently replaced by SFOR.

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KFOR - August 1999 to date

In September 1997 a UNSC Resolution 1199 highlighted an impending human catastrophe in Kosovo and demanded a ceasefire. In June 1999 Serbia agreed to the G8 Peace Principles and began to withdraw its forces. NATO ended its air strikes and KFOR, which was authorised by UNSCR 1244, entered Kosovo.

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Middle East

UNTSO - 18 December 1958 to date

UNTSO, established in 1948, is the oldest ongoing United Nations peacekeeping operation. It operates in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Israel - the parties to the Truce Agreements that followed the fighting in Palestine in 1948.

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UNDOF - June 1997 — August 1998
September 2013 - to date

UNDOF was established by UNSCR350 in 1974 following the agreed disengagement of Israeli and Syrian forces on the Golan Heights after the ending of the Yom Kippur War. 

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UNIFIL - May 1978 — to date

Following the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1978, the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) was established to supervise the withdrawal of Israeli forces and restore peace and security to the area. In June 2011 an infantry battalion was deployed back to Lebanon.

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UNNY 27   - November 1978 — to date

Since 1978, a number of Defence Forces officers have served in different positions at United Nations Headquarters New York (UNNY). At present the Defence Forces provide two officers to the UN's Department of Peace Keeping Operations (DPKO).

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