Image Identification Project

The Military Archives has a duel mandate to record the activities of the Defence Forces, the Department of Defence and the Army Pensions Board under the National Archives Act of 1986 thus promoting accountability and trust in the organisation by the public. 

The second mandate is to promote and make available the history of organisations under its remit and the effect on society.  The Defence Forces retains a close affiliation with academics and researchers but also the general public. 

With the launch of an online photo sharing initiative on Flickr, the Defence Forces aims to reinforce this link with the general public and society by inviting the public to be a part of the development of the cultural heritage of the archive.  As an industry leader in the Public Sector in utilising Information Communication Technology to improve the delivery of services, the Defence Forces continually look to improve and adapt to take advantage of the benefits of technology and the provision of how we serve the public. 

In line with Government policy on Public Sector reform and the need to constantly review how we can improve our service delivery; the Military Archives has developed the image identification project.  This project was developed in order to promote access of our photographic collections but also to provide a level of social engagement with our collections that online access facilitates.

The Military Archives have uploaded the first phase of photos online to their new flickr account as part of their image identification project in late April averaging over 2000 image views online per day during the initial trial period.  The trial period included nearly 200 photos from the Defence Forces serving in Congo and Cyprus and also from the Cavalry Corps. The accurate naming of individuals in old photographs provides both a valuable cultural and personal aspect in addition to providing the Military Archives an opportunity to integrate the photographs into our collections thereby enriching and enhancing our records.

Members of the public, ex Defence Forces members and current members are encouraged to participate and take part in documenting the heritage of the Defence Forces.  Through this project, the Military Archives aims to provide a more a more inclusive and representative reflection of the Defence Forces and in order to make this project a success your help is needed.  As part of this project, the Military Archives will continue to make available previously unseen photographs displaying personnel and equipment both at home and overseas on this project.     If you are interested in participating in this project, you will need to set up a flickr account and start making contributions in order to become a part of documenting the history of the Defence Forces.

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The Badge Design

The Badge design (common to all Corps and Services and all orders of dress) is derived from the badge of the Irish Volunteers and was designed by Professor Eoin MacNeill, Chairman of the National Executive of the Irish Volunteers. This badge was originally adopted by the Irish Volunteers in October 1914. [Read more]