The Distinguished Service Medal (DSM)

Infomation About the Medal

On 18 February 1964 a medal to be known as “An Bonn SeirbhÁse Dearscna” or, in English, “The Distinguished Service Medal”, was introduced by the Defence Forces. The medal may be awarded to officers, non-commissioned officers and privates of the Defence Forces and to members of the Army Nursing and Chaplaincy Services in recognition of individual or associated acts of bravery, courage, leadership, resource or devotion to duty (other than any such acts or duty performed on war service) arising out of, or associated with, service in the Defence Forces and not meriting the award of An Bonn MÁleata Calmachta.

Classes of Award

The medal may be awarded in the following classes:-

  1. With Honour
  2. With Distinction
  3. With Merit

Bar to Medal

The medal in any one of the classes prescribed shall not be awarded more than once to any one person but, for each succeeding act sufficient to justify a further award in the same class, a bar to the medal in that class may be awarded.

The Distinguished Service Medal with Honour

The Distinguished Service Medal with Distinction

The Distinguished Service Medal with Merit

The Badge Design

The Badge design (common to all Corps and Services and all orders of dress) is derived from the badge of the Irish Volunteers and was designed by Professor Eoin MacNeill, Chairman of the National Executive of the Irish Volunteers. This badge was originally adopted by the Irish Volunteers in October 1914. [Read more]