Army Bomb Disposal Team makes safe viable IED on Dunsink Lane.

An Army Bomb Disposal Team made safe a viable Improvised Explosive Device on Dunsink Lane near St. Josephs Park, Dublin last night having already made safe one viable IED in the Dunsink area earlier yesterday evening.

The Defence Forces deployed the team following a tip off to Gardai, both devices were made safe at the scene without the need for a controlled explosion.

The devices have been removed to a secure military facility for further analysis, the remains of the devices will then be handed over to the Gardai for their investigations.

The team arrived on scene at 10.25pm, the scene was declared safe at 11.10pm.

The Defence Forces have made safe 17 viable Improvised Explosive Devices so far this year.

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Press Release Date: Tuesday 10th May, 2011

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