Training (eighteen weeks)

The Recruit Training Syllabus is designed to produce a physically fit, disciplined and motivated Ordinary Seaman with basic military skills. Naval Recruit training is the foundation of military training.  It is followed by Specialist Training courses. 

Phase 1: Weeks 1 - 2

Recruit training in the Naval Service is now undertaken over a 14 week period. Weeks 1 and 2 consist of an Induction Period where new entrants receive all the necessary briefings and basic training to allow them to safely function in the military environment. The change from civilian life to military life involves a major cultural transition for the young recruit. The freedom to plan and conduct his/her activities with total self-control changes to that of an organised, structured and regimented environment. Embracing this change, for the recruit, takes time and demands careful monitoring by the Training Staff.

Phase 2: Weeks 2 - 12 

The next 10 weeks is the Core Training Period. To achieve this objective it is appropriate that naval recruits are trained at the Naval Base and exposed to life onboard ship during SEA WEEK. This provides a continuous, honest and accurate real life experience for the recruit and a benchmark for future suitability. For both individual (wellbeing, career decisions) and organisation (training overhead value for money) it is important that suitability to life at sea is established as early as possible during recruit training. Instruction will also commence on the following subjects; - First Aid Responder, Hygiene and Sanitation and Health & Safety Training. GPMG, Guard Mounting and Sentinel Drill. This period will also provide the necessary examinations, which the Recruits must successfully pass prior to final approval which includes Annual Personal Weapons Test and Fitness Test. 

Phase 3: Weeks 12- 14 

The final 2 weeks is the Final Training Period. The Recruit will also be introduced to general professional Naval Training. This includes general seamanship training that all ranks within the Naval Service should be familiar with. In addition, a Ceremonial Demonstration will be incorporated into the Recruits Passing out Parade. 

O-AR (Ordinary to Able Rate) Training (6 Weeks)

Ordinary to Able Rate commences on completion of Recruit Training. It consists of 6 weeks of continuation courses to qualify the new passed out recruit in the following areas:

  • GPMG
  • DCFF(Damage Control and Fire Fighting)
  • H+K Pistol
  • MIO(Marine Interdiction Operations)
  • SPO(Ship Protection Operations)
  • Quartermaster Training
  • RHIB Bowman

These courses are conducted between the Naval Base and NMCI and qualify the Rating to be eligible to take up a posting at sea on completion.

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