The Induction Process

The Cadet Competition is held annually and is the only way for potential candidates to join the Defence Forces to become an Air Corp Officer.


Potential Candidates are required to complete an online application form through this website. The dates for the competition are advertised in the National Papers and on this website with applications only being accepted on these dates. All correspondence with applicants will be done through email for the duration of the competition.

Fitness Testing and Initial Interview 

In order to qualify for a Cadetship, candidates will be required to successfully complete Phase 1 of the Selection Process in which they will undergo a physical fitness test, which is designed to assess their potential to undergo the rigours of military training. This is a pass/fail test. Candidates who do not pass will not be allowed to continue in the competition

Candidates will be invited to attend a competency based interview where they will be required to demonstrate competency in the following areas;

  • Leadership and Supervising
  • Personal Motivation and Discipline
  • Working with Others
  • Technical Aptitude

Candidates who successfully complete Phase 1 will be progress to Stage 2. Candidates will be required to complete a personality questionnaire. This will be followed by a Psychological Interview. Candidates will then be required to complete both psychomotor, and psychometric testing. During Psychometric Testing Candidates will be required to complete the following tests:

  • Verbal Reasoning        
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Job Simulation Exercise

This stage also introduces the Candidates to a Realistic Job Preview involving involves a familiarisation visit to the Flight Training School and informal interaction with instructional staff.

Successful Candidates from Stage 2 will be invited to progress to Stage 3. Successful candidates will be invited to attend a competency based interview where they will be required to demonstrate competency in the following areas: -

  • Maturity
  • Technical Aptitude
  • Working with Others
  • Leadership and Supervising
  • Personal Motivation and Discipline
  • Communications
  • High Stress Tolerance

Medical & Security Clearance

The top scoring candidates at the Interview will then be called to attend a full military medical examination, to include a full air medical, in St. Bricin’s Military Hospital in Dublin. In conjunction with this all candidates will be security vetted by An Garda Siochana. Candidates will be required to pass both the medical examinations and security vetting to be considered for induction.

Award of an Officer Cadetship

The candidates who finished at the top of the competitions order of merit will then be offered an Air Corp Officer Cadetship.

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