Eurocopter EC135 P2+

The Air Corps currently operates two EC135 P2+ aircraft. These aircraft entered service in 2005 and operate seven days a week carrying out a wide variety of roles for the Air Corps.

On completion of the ‘Wings’ course, students will be streamed into either fixed wing or rotary wing operations. The EC135 is utilised as the main ab initio rotary wing training aircraft for the Air Corps. A typical rotary wing conversion course lasts approximately six months during which students will complete a variety of military rotary wing operations such as absailing drills, cargo slinging, mountain flying and tactical formation.


  • Pilot training
  • Army support
  • Air ambulance
  • VIP and military transport
  • General utility
EC135 P2+ Statistics

Aircraft Type

Eurocopter EC 135 P2+


Pilot training, army support, air ambulance, VIP & military transport and general utility


1 Pilot, 1 Crewman & upto 5 troops


2 x Pratt & Whitney PW206B2

Rotor Diameter

10.2 metres (33 feet, 6 inches)


3.51 metres (10 feet, 9 inches)


12.16 metres (39 feet, 11 inches)


Not Applicable

Entered Service

November 2005

EC135 P2+ Performance

Max T/O Weight

2,835 Kilograms (6,245 pounds)

Service Ceiling

20,000 feet

Cruise Speed

135 knots

Maximum Speed

155 knots


2 hours


270 nautical miles

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