The Reading Programme - Part 3

Strategy in the Contemporary World
J. Baylis, J.J. Wirtz & C. S. Gray
Another Bloody Century: Future Warfare C. S. Gray
The Utility of Force: The Art of War in the Modern World R. Smith
Understanding Modern Warfare

D. Jordan, J. D. Kiras,
D. J. Lonsdale & I. Speller
Masters of War M. I. Handel
Waging Modern War Gen W. Clark
The Art of War Sun Tzu (Ed J. Clavell)
The American Civil War
Battle Cry of Freedom:
The American Civil War
J.M. McPherson

Grant and Lee
A Study in Personality and Generalship
Maj Gen J.F.C Fuller

Memoirs of General William T. Sherman General William T. Sherman
Stonewall Jackson and the
American Civil War
G.F.R. Henderson

That Devil Forrest
Life of General Nathan Bedford Forrest
J.A Wyeth

Landscape Turned Red Ticknor and Fields
Specialist Areas
CBRN A Higher Form of Killing Harriss & Paxman

Germs The Ultimate Weapon

Miller Engelberg Broad
Sniper Marine Sniper C. Henderson
Endurance & Physical Fitness An Unsung Hero:
Tom Crean - Antartic Survivor

M. Smith

The Jungle is Neutral

F. Spencer Chapman D.S.O
Mind over Matter R. Fiennes
Survival of the Fittest
Understandign Health and Peak Physical Performance
M. Stroud

Defending Ireland O'Halpin
Eastern Promises Fitzroy MacLean
The Book of War J. Keegan
The Reason Why Woodham-Smith
A History of Warfare J. Keeegan
The Anatomy of Courage
The Classic Study of the Soldiers struggle against fear
Lord Moran

The Human Face of Warfare

Edited by:
M Evans & A. Ryan
Collins Encyclopedia of Military History

Edited by:
R.E Dupuy & T.N. Dupuy
The Scars of War H. McManners
On the Psychology of Military Incompetence N. F. Dixon


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