The Reading Programme - Part 2

Campaigns Studied in the OTW
Normandy Six Armies in Normandy J. Keegan
D Day A. Beevor
Decision in Normandy Carlo D'Este
Pegasus Bridge S.E Ambrose
Over Lord
D-Day and the
Battle for Normandy 1944
M. Hastings
Arnhem A Bridge too Far C. Ryan
It Never Snows in September Kerslake
Arnhem 1944 M. Middlebrook
Arnhem Maj Gen Urquahart
The Bulge The Battle of the Bulge B. MacDonald
Battle of the Bulge J.P. Pallud
The Battle of the Hurtgen Forest C. Whiting
Casino Casino: Portrait of a Battle F. Majdalany
Monte Casino M. Parker
Falklands War
No Picnic General J Thompson
Goose Green
A battle is fought to be won. 
M. Adkin
Falklands Commando Capt. H. McManners R.A.
Other Conflicts
Vietnam The Last Valley:
Dien Bien Phu and the French Defeat in
M. Window
A Bright Shining Lie N. Sheehan
Middle-East The Arab-Israeli Wars C. Herzog
The Great War of Civilistation:
The Conquest of the Middle East
R Fisk
Six Days of War M. B. Owen
Algeria A Savage War of Peace A Horne
Lebanon Pity the Nation R. Fisk
Balkans The Death of Yugoslavia L. Silber & A. Little
My War Gone By, I Miss it so A. Lloyd
Iraq Crusade:
The Untold Story of the Gulf War (1991)
R. Atkinson
Fiasco T.E Ricks
The Occupation:
War and Resistance in Iraq
P. Cockburn
Afghanistan Danger Close Col S. Tootal
UN PKO Deliver us from Evil W Shawcross
Rwanda Shake Hands with the Devil R Dallaire
Leaders and Leadership
In the eyes of the Storm:
Commanding the Desert Rats in the Gulf War
Maj-Gen P. Cordingley
It Doesnt take a Hero H. Norman Schqwarzkopf
We Were Soldiers Once and Young Lt Gen H.G. Moore
J Galloway
Eisenhower Soldier & President Stephen E. Ambrose
Warlord (Churchill at War) Carlo D'Este
A Soldiers Way Gen Colin Powell
The Challenge of Command R. H. Nye
Leadership: Theory and Practise P. G. Northouse
A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book About Studying Leadership B. Jackson & K. Parry
Junior Leadership
Follow Me!:
The Human Element in Leadership                
Maj Gen A. S. Newman
Company Command:
The Bottom Line
J.G. Meyer Jr.            
Company Commander C. B. McDonald
Small Unit Leadership:
A Commonsense Approach
Col. D.M. Malone (USA Retd)
The Mask of Command J. Keegan
The Face of Battle J. Keegan
Forgotton Soldiers B. Moynihan
Once a Warrior King:
Memories of an Officer in Vietnam
D. Donovan
Rifleman Dodd: A Novel of the Pennisula Campaign C.S. Forrestor
The Defence of Duffer's Drift
- a fictional account of a platoon commander's misadventures in the Boer War
E. D Swinton

Storm of Steel
memoir of a German Infantry soldier in WWI
E. Junger
With the Old Breed
the experiences of a U.S.M.C. infantryman in the Pacific Campaign in WWII
E. B. Sledge

Counter Insurgency
Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice D. Galula
Modern Warfare: A French View of Counterinsurgency R. Trinquier
Counterinsurgency: Fm 3-24
Gen. D. H. Petraeus
Learning to Eat Soup with a Knife:
Counterinsurgency Lessons from Malaya & Vietnam
J. A. Nagl


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