The Military College

In 1923, the Defence Forces Temporary Provisions Act 1923 provided for the establishment of an Irish Military College, and an Army School of Instruction was founded with a large staff and commanded by a Major General. Originally situated in the Artillery Barracks in Kildare, it was moved to Keane (Pearse) Barracks in 1924. In 1926, the Irish Military Mission was sent to the United States to study the profession of arms at American military establishments. The Irish Military College as we know it was formally founded in 1930, that year seeing the commissioning of the first class of cadets.

Today, the Military College is responsible for the provision of training and doctrine to the Leadership, management and combat units of the Defence Forces. Training includes career courses, Infantry support weapons, senior management courses and overseas training.

There are four constituent Schools within the Military College.

The Command and Staff School

The Command and Staff School is the Senior School of the Irish Defence Forces. It supports the professional development of all Senior Officers of the Defence Forces through the provision of tailored educational courses. These courses focus on the development of senior leaders who can apply critical thought processes and rational decision making to problem solving within the complex military, economic, informational and diplomatic environments in which they may find themselves deployed. The intention is to enable Senior Officers to plan and conduct operations across the full spectrum of military activities at the tactical, operational and strategic levels in both national and international environments.

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The Infantry School

The role of the Infantry School, within its three composite wings, is to provide the highest levels of military education and training for Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers of the Defence Forces. The Infantry School provides career, specialist training in infantry weapons and staff courses to both Officers and Non Commissioned Officers, in accordance with current Defence Forces (DF) doctrine, in order to provide them with the appropriate professional skills to effectively fulfil their assigned roles within the State and on overseas deployments at tactical and operational levels.

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The Cadet School

The Cadet School is responsible for the training and education of officer cadets for the Defence Forces (DF). Founded in 1928, the Cadet School has a long and proud tradition, and since that date has seen nearly 2,800 graduates of the School have gained commissioned rank in the Permanent Defence Forces (PDF).

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The United Nations Training School Ireland

Since its establishment the United Nations Training School Ireland (UNTSI) has been the focal point of the Defence Forces effort to standardise preparation for Peace Support Operations.  This has been achieved by bringing to bear the experience gained on the broadest range of Peacekeeping missions throughout the world spanning the last fifty years.  Our knowledge base has been further expanded through an active programme of liaison and exchange with the many other military and civilian educational and training institutions involved in the study of international Peace Support Operations.

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The Artillery School

The Artillery School is part of the Defence Force Training Centre (DFTC) and is the centre of excellence for artillery training in the Defence Forces (DF). Established in 1931, the Artillery School is staffed by high quality instructors from the Artillery Corps. Our knowledge base has been continually expanded through our experience of deployments of artillery both at home and in overseas missions, and through an active programme of liaison with other military artillery institutions and attendance on foreign courses. The Artillery School conducts career and technical courses in Field Artillery and Air Defence, supervises all artillery live firing practices within the State, organises and supervises Corps Exercises and Combined Arms Demonstrations and analyses and evaluates developments in artillery tactics, techniques and procedures. The Artillery School also researches the latest artillery technology with a view to constant development of its Corps function.

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The Cavalry School

The Cavalry School is the dedicated training institution of the Cavalry Corps and specialises in the command, control, training, operation and tactical deployment of armour in support of the infantry brigades and in the maintenance of the armoured resources of the Defence Forces. Fundamental to the Corps organisation are the independent operational units which provide light armoured Combat Support capability to the infantry brigades and in the case of the 1 Armd Cav Sqn an armoured combat resource to the Defence Forces.

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The Military Administration School

Military Administration as it applies to the Defence Forces can be described as the organisation, management and execution of all military affairs not included in strategy and tactics. Primarily the term applies to manpower, personnel services and logistics. The Military Administration School provides the necessary training in all these areas in furtherance of Defence Forces Strategic Goals, with an increasing emphasis on advanced personnel and logistic management.

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The Defence Forces Physical Education School

The role of the Defence Forces Physical Education School (DFPES) is to promote physical fitness, a healthy lifestyle and sport within the Defence Forces (DF) and to offer structured progressive physical education courses of training and instruction which are safe, effective and concur with modern day trends and developments within the fitness training industry for all students who attend the school.The DFPES is the only centre for physical education in the DF and provides a myriad of courses from the Physical Training Instructors (PTI) Course to life saving courses and water based courses.

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