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Education HQ

The Defence Forces’ mission is: “To contribute to the security of the State by providing for the military defence of its territorial integrity and to fulfill all roles assigned by Government, through the deployment of well-motivated and effective Defence Forces.” When not actually engaged in operations, the object is to train in order to achieve the degree of operational effectiveness, which our ethos and our assigned roles demand.

The Defence Forces position is unique in terms of its learning output with personnel undergoing training and education courses on a continuous basis. As a consequence, it fully supports the recognition of life long learning. The Defence Forces has committed to provide accreditation for all learning conducted within the organisation through collaboration with appropriate Higher Education Institutions.

The White Paper on Defence (2000, Para 462 provides that “all personnel will be provided with the opportunity for personal development and associated professional experience in order to realise their full potential during their service in the Defence Forces” Therefore, the accreditation of our training and education programmes under NFQ represents a policy-strategy match that can fill the gap that has existed. The Accreditation sought must adhere to the standards laid down in the Qualification (Education & Training) Act 1999, as governed by the National Qualifications Authority of Ireland (NQAI) and will fulfil DF operational and training requirements

The Director of Defence Forces Training is fully aware of the wide variety of skills available through civilian educational institutions and embraces these courses under various educational schemes available to its members. Collective and individual training and education is the cornerstone of military life and will continue to be so, as our diversity in training dictates Defence Forces operational capability and effectiveness on national and international platforms. 

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