Rates of Pay

Most of the time in the Reserve Defence Forces is on a voluntary, unpaid basis. However, you will be paid to attend training courses and annual camp. The length of these courses varies but usually range from 7 to 14 days in duration. 

This is the current weekly rates of pay for both the Army and Naval Service Reserve.

Rates of Pay
Army Reserve Rank NSR Rank Pay (€)
Recruit Recruit* 334.04
Private, 2 star Ordinary Seaman* 410.13
Private, 3 star Able Seaman* 427.37
Corporal Leading Seaman* 512.07
Sergeant Petty Officer* 561.93
CQMS Senior Petty Officer* 650.39
Company Sergeant Chief Petty Officer* 662.53
BQMS Senior Chief Petty Officer* 720.47
Sergeant Major 739.85
2nd Lieutenant Ensign 721.66
Lieutenant Sub Lieutenant 721.66
Lieutenant (Eng Max) 856.41
Lieutenant (Eng Min) 713.98
Lieutenant (Med Max) 796.41
Lieutenant (Med Min) 668.81
Captain Lieutenant (NS) 739.29
Captain (Eng) 890.36
Captain (Med) 1057.25
Commandant Lieutenant Commander 939.43
Commandant (Eng) 1067.58
Commandant (Med) 1245.69
Lieutenant Colonel Commander 1245.68

* Non commissioned ranks of the Naval Service Reserve also receive Naval Pay at the rate of:

For those enlisted Pre 01 Jan 2011      -  €19:32

For those enlisted Post 01 Jan 2011     -  €17:36

Note: Members of the Army Reserve Forces are generally paid on the 1st point of the pay scale for the Permanent Defence Forces.