Career Progression

Chief Petty Officer Kieran Brennan - Service Support Section

What is your job? 

I am employed as a Chief Petty Officer Administrator in Naval Service Headquarters. This varied role involves both Man-Management as Office Manager and overseeing Administration issues at HQ Level. These typically include managing the PMS module for NS Security Duty Allowance Budget of approx €1Million, management of the PTR and Travel Budgets, Foreign Travel arrangements for all NS Officers and Enlisted, Administration of NS Redress of Wrongs.  

How did you get to this job?

I have been a professional Administrator since 1987 and promoted to the highest possible rank within my Branch. This role requires attention to detail, a high degree of professional knowledge and a strong work ethic.  

What type of courses have you done?  

I have completed all Administration Courses in the Defence Forces applicable to my duties along with all career courses. My administration courses include both the Orderly Room Corporals and Sergeants courses and also the Personnel Management Course and the Unit computing Course.

What has been the most memorable experience of your career?  

Without doubt there have been many highlights in my career to date, but training Recruit classes in 1999/2000 remains one of my most memorable.  I believe everyone in the NS at some point imagines themselves as an instructor in the Naval College training a class of Recruits, I was no different .I was selected to train recruits after completing my Standard NCOs course in 1999 .To see a group of young scruffy civilians arrive at the gate and to guide them through the various stages of Recruit training and now to meet these service men and women in my everyday duties gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment.

What are your plans for the future?

I have served twenty five years in the Naval Service, and every day still brings with it its own unique situations. For the future, I would like to be involved in Branch training thereby ensuring that the administration requirements for NS in the future are met. 

What advice would you give young people who wish to join the Defence Forces? 

I would say to any young person wishing to join the DF that you are making a choice to join one of the most professional organisations in Ireland. While challenging, the rewards for hard work and dedication are such that the life you would gain would be beyond your expectations.  ‘Work hard, play fair and above all give 100% and a successful career will be your reward’.

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