Defence Forces Equality Policy

The Defence Forces is committed to the principles of equal opportunities in all its employment policies, proedures and regulations. The Defence Forces will operate in an environment without discrimination in areas covered by teh Equality Acts.

The Defence Forces will ensure that the principles of emplyment equality are employed in recruitment, promotion, training and work experience. All Defence Force Regulations and Administrative Instructions concerning service in teh Defence Forces shall be set out in a manner consistent with this policy of 'Equal opportunity'

Defence Forces Gender Policy

The Defence Forces is an equal opportunity employer. Both men and women have 'equality of opportunity' for employment and career advancement on the basis of merit and ability. Our policy ensures that differences between men and women are not used, unjustly or unfairly, to favour a man over a woman or a woman over a man. Discrimination is prohibited. It is the Defence Forces policy that all members have a right to be treated with respect and diginity and to carry out their duties free from any form of Sexual Harrassment, Harrassment or bullying. This committment requires all Defence Forces personnel to treat colleagues with respect and ensure that their own actions and behaviour do not cause offence or contribute to unacceptable behaviour.

Defence Forces Diversity Policy

The Defence Forces Dignity Charter clearly annunciates the requirement for all personnel to uphold values of tolerance, dignity and understanding and to respect the right of each individual to dignity in their work environment and in all activities of their service. The Charter appies to persons from diverse backgrounds.

View the Defence Forces Dignity Charter

Anti-Racism - Protection and Awareness

Administrative Instruction A7, Chapter 1 deals with effective protection and redress against racism. The Defence Forces has over 50 years of experience operating in multi-cultural, multi-ethic organisations and Missions throughout the world. The vast majority of personnel will undertake a considerable numbner of overseas missionos and experience inter-culturalism at all elvels in the workplace and in society


For more information download the Defence Forces Information handbook (pdf 6Mb)