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David O'Brien
Unit Naval Service Diving Section

Every ship has a diving team onboard. Supervisor, Boat Coxwain, Standby Diver, Divers Attendant, and Diver in the water. We are called upon from our regular jobs to carryout various tasks when needed. For example the ships propeller may get foiled, maintenance, or you may have to take various readings on the hull of the ship.

When you are here on shore the Diving Section gets called out on different jobs including Search and Rescue, body and car searches, hull inspections for drugs on a suspected vessel, berth clearance; this is done if foreign naval vessels come in. You can go on and do course to become a ROB pilot, a decompression chamber pilot, or a supervisor.

Third Para

A diver’s main equipment is a stab jacket, demand valve, square mask, hood, gloves and fines. After that if you go into polluted waters such as in a harbour you then wear a full face mask this protects you from contamination. You then have a yellow helmet and this is used for surface demand.

This means that the air is generated from the surface and travels down to you in an umbilical cord. This is mainly for when you are spending longer under water on deeper dives. There are various different attachments then for the yellow helmet depending on the job you are doing. Comms, lights, cameras. You then have all the underwater welding, cutting and grinding equipment.

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