Military Policeman

Cpl Peter Cox - Military Policeman
Rank: Corporal
Name: Peter Cox
Job: Provost Section
Unit: 4 Field Military Police (MP) Company

Within the Provost Section of any Field Military Police (MP) units, Military Policemen and women carried out a variety of duties that include: general policing; camp security; traffic accident investigation; ceremonial duties; Red Cap exercises and conventional operations.

Our general policing duties can involve investigating petty crime; checking if individuals are properly dressed; are lockers and military premises are properly secured; mounting speed checkpoints: escorting military convoys and monitoring car parking in barracks.

Cpl Peter Cox - Military Policeman

In relation to camp security we monitor the main gate and conduct searches of vehicles and individuals if necessary. We also check that military drivers have the correct transport requisitions and they and their passengers adhere to the rules of the road. When a military vehicle is involved in a traffic accident, we are called to investigate the circumstances, which led to the accident and we prepare reports that can be used in subsequent court martial or civilian prosecutions. A lot of our time is spent on ceremonial duties, where MPs assist in monitoring military ceremonies and funerals. This can involve traffic co-ordinating, both vehicles and invited guests in barracks and at official parades.

The Military Police Corps also plays a vital role on the ground, especially during large-scale military exercise out of barracks and overseas in Kosovo, Bosnia and Chad. We regularly carry out ‘Red Cap’ exercises and conventional operations, were we hone our own personnel ‘admin-in-the-field’ as well as providing essential route signalling and patrolling, camp security, straggler posts, rounding up of deserters, building and policing prisoner of war camps to the exercising troops.

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