Asst Marine Engineer Officer

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Name Lynne Donnelly
RanK S/Lt
Unit LÉ Niamh

Currently, I am the Assistant Marine Engineering Officer onboard LÉ Niamh. I have completed 3 Years training in the National Maritime College (NMCI), one years experience at sea and I have completed my Officer of the Watch exam. I am also understudy to the Lead Engineering Officer .In 2011 I will become a qualified Marine Engineering Officer.

The LÉ Niamh has two engines connected to the two main ship’s propellers. The Engineering Branch is in charge of monitoring all moving parts on the ship. If it breaks, we fix or replace it. There is a Leading Engineering Office, three Officers of the Watch, a Chief Petty Officer and three Mechanics on board. The Leading Engineering Officer deals directly with the Captain of the ship.

The Control Room is manned 24-hours a day. As Officer of the Watch you do two-four hour watches a day. From the Control Room you monitor the temperatures and pressures of the engines. It is an advance computerised automated system and it tells you if there is anything wrong. On the older ships you have to physically check and go down to the engine room and open a valve. While here you press a button and it sends a hydraulic signal and it will open the valve for you. Once an hour we walk around the Engine Room and check the running temperature of the engines, check to see if there are any leaks, any water coming out where it shouldn’t be, checking all the right pumps are working, make sure nothing has tripped out, then you come back and log it. So while you are on watch you have to be concentrating and paying attention

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