On Duty

The Defence Forces has personnel on duty 24 hrs a day whether in barrack installations, government buildings, aid to the civil authorities or maritme patrols. These type of duties are commonly referred to as Regimental Duties. For other members of the Force, who are not rostered for regimental duty,  they will still perform a duty that maintain the life of the Defence Forces. Each day while some personnel are preparing to go on armed duty in the various locations others are reporting to their daily duty. We have compiled some profiles of the personnel who perform these duties.

What We Do....

Assistant Marine Engineer Officer

S/Lt Lynne Donnelly

S/Lt Lynne Donnelly is an Assistant Marine Engineer Officer on the LÉ Niamh. The LÉ Niamh is one of the flagships of the Naval Service . The LÉ Niamh has two engines connected to the two main ship’s propellers. The Engineering Branch is in charge of monitoring all moving parts on the ship. If it breaks, we fix or replace it.

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Military Policeman

Corporal Peter Cox is a Military Policeman with the Provost section of the 4 Field Military Police Company, Athlone. His general policing duties can involve investigating petty crime; checking if individuals are properly dressed; are military premises are properly secured; mounting speed checkpoints: escorting military convoys.

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Naval Service Diver

Petty Officer David O'Brien is a member of the Naval Service Diving section. He is often called upon from his regular jobs to carryout various tasks when needed. For example the ships propeller may get foiled, maintenance, or you may have to take various readings on the hull of the ship.

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Aircraft Mechanic

Airman Colin Heaslip is an Aircraft Maintenance Technician in the Flight Training School, Air Corp stationed in Baldonnel.  As an Aircraft Maintenance Technician, his primary job as part of the unit’s technical team is to carry out first- and second-line maintenance in order to keep the aircraft flying.

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The Infantryman

Pte Johnathan Grey, Support  Company, 27th Infantry Battalion is 25 years old and joined the army three-and-a-half years ago.Most people would be aware of what we do as soldiers when we are on operations on-the-ground or overseas, but wouldn’t know what we do throughout the year back in barracks.

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