Defence Forces Training

Defence Forces training courses are varied and demanding, both physically and mentally.

Personnel in the Defence force are trained to a high standard in a number of disciplines - weapon’s, vehicle’s, communication devices and other international military spec equipment.  As well as training and maintaining this equipment on a daily basis, it is imperative for all personnel to keep themselves physically fit. 

There are various types of training courses that members of the Forces can undertake. 

Live Fire Tactical Training

The Infantry Weapons Wing (IWW), Military College, run the Live Fire Tactical Training (LFTT) course to train the next generation of live fire instructors, culminating with a night attack that will challenge everything they have learn.

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Digital Indoor Range Training

The Defence Forces has five digital indoor ranges located in the DFTC, the three brigades and the Naval Service. They are designed for small arms and anti armour training.

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Survival Training

Students are taught how to look after themselves, and each other, in a survival situation. They also get a chance to practice some butchering skills, learning how to skin and gut rabbits, pheasant and fish, while using knives and axes safely.

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