Fitness Testing Centre

Physical Fitness is defined as:

"A set of attributes that an individual has or achieves, that relates to their ability to perform physical activity".

Military Fitness is defined as:

"The ability to respond instantly and effectively to the physical and psychological demands of combat with a minimum of distress and to return to a normal healthy state once the demand ceases".

Physical fitness is a basic requirement of Military life. Military life places unique physical and psychological demands on units and individuals. In order to be prepared for these demands the Defence Forces has created a fitness training structure.

Physical fitness training structures comprise of the following:

  • The setting of a standard of physical fitness at all levels of induction.
  • Physical Training during induction to ensure the attainment of the basic standard deemed necessary for military life.
  • PT standards and a testing procedure to ensure those standards are maintained.
  • A specialist Physical Education and Training structure that includes personnel, doctrine and infrastructure to support the PT regime.

Information on Fitness Testing

Military Fitness tests in general are conducted in three parts:

Part 1

Body Mass Index (BMI), (Wt/Ht2) is a measurement used in large population studies as an index of obesity due to ease of calculation, and inexpensive and non-invasive nature.

Part 2

Local Muscular and Cardio Vascular Endurance. The Defence Forces Fitness
Test outlines the physiological and anthropometrical differences between men and women and the differences that arise due to age.

Part 3

This part of the test consists of a 10 Km loaded march.

Recruits During a PT Battle Run