Third Level Education

Personnel of the Army, who were inducted as an Officer Cadet and successfully completed their Officer Cadet training and who have not previously attained an Honours Bachelor Degree (Level 8 of the National Framework of Qualifications) or equivalent may, subject to the exigencies of the service and the requirements of the Defence Forces, be assigned to a course of study leading to a degree at National University of Ireland, Galway or a course of study leading to a degree at some other third level college of education.

Tuition and examination fees in respect of Officers attending college will be met from public funds.  Textbooks, instruments etc. will be made available without charge but will remain the property of the Minister for Defence. During attendance at college, Officers will normally be accommodated in Military Barracks and will be in receipt of normal pay and allowances.

In connection with third level training, personnel will be required to subscribe to an undertaking (or undertakings), that before leaving the Permanent Defence Force voluntarily at any time after they have commenced the course and before they have served in the Permanent Defence Force for a minimum number of years reckoned from the date of completion of their third level training, they will refund the cost of such training to the Minister for Defence including the cost of pay and allowances paid to them during the period of attendance at the course.

In effect Officers who attend third level training will have to serve for a minimum of two years  service for every college year they attend whilst a member of the Defence Forces.