Period of Technician Training

The period of training is approximately four (4) years. This period of service is regarded as a probationary period. If a Trainee Technician is reported by his/her Commanding Officer as being unlikely to become efficient or as being otherwise unsatisfactory, he/she may be discharged from the Permanent Defence Forces.

Particulars of Training

The syllabus of training under the scheme consists of military training, physical training and technical training.

Military Training

A candidate on entering the Defence Forces will undergo at least 4 months of military training prior to the commencement of his/her technical training. All training is organised and conducted in a strict, uniform and disciplined manner.

The military syllabus is designed to develop character, morale and discipline and to instil into him/her a keenness for soldiering. This is achieved through interaction between various military skills and disciplines and the military way of life. The syllabus includes foot drill, arms drill, rifle marksmanship, map reading, tactical training, and other basic military skills. Much attention is also given to the physical development of the trainee, through both physical and adventure training.

Technical Training

Technical training is provided under a syllabus of training developed in conjunction with the Air Corps accrediting Academic Institute which is the Dublin Institute of Technology. In addition, trainees may, at any time, be assigned to further technical training courses in military or civilian establishments in Ireland or abroad. In connection with such additional training, a trainee will be required to subscribe to an undertaking or undertakings that, in the event of his/her leaving the Defence Forces within a specified time of completing such training, he/she will be required to refund the cost of the training to the Minister for Defence.

Physical Training

All Apprentices are encouraged to participate in sport. The principal team sports are hurling, Gaelic football, soccer, rugby, volleyball and basketball. Athletics, orienteering, and various other sports and recreation can also be pursued.


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