Air Corps Careers

The air component of the Permanent Defence Forces (PDF), the Air Corps constantly strives to recruit the best personnel. There are three entry levels for joining the Air Corps i.e. as a Cadet, a Recruit or as an Apprentice. Each approach offers a different career path and differing challenges.


Officers are the managers, decision makers, and leaders of the Defence Forces. An Air Corp Flight Officer is also a military aviator who is qualified to fly the numerous types of aircraft operated by the Defence Forces. An Air Corps Cadet engages in approximately 36 months of training in the Military College, Curragh Camp and the Air Corps College, Baldonnel Aerodrome. The attributes of a good Officer include the ability to make good decisions in stressful situations, an interest in physical fitness and a sound understanding of military tactics. the Air Corps often fly Search and Rescue mission in violent weather conditions.

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The Enlisted Ranks account for the vast majority of personnel in the Irish Air Corps. These men and women all have one thing in common, Recruit Training. 17 weeks of intense training go into making every Airman. In that time the Recruit is transformed from a civilian into a professional soldier of the Air Corps. Every day of training presents a new challenge as the Recruit becomes skilled in foot and arms drill, rifle marksmanship, fieldcraft and military tactics. If you want a career doing what others pay to experience.

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Aircraft Technicians have the responsibility of maintaining the Air Corps modern fleet of aircraft. Before assuming this responsibility a potential Aircraft Technician must undergo a 3 year technical training programme as well as a total of 7 months military training. Apprentices undergo technical training in the Technical Training School of the Air Corps College. If you think you could meet a deadline, in a high pressure environment, and at the same time be confident that your work won’t let others down.

Then maybe an Air Corps Trainee Tecnician is for you