Army Training

Training and Development

The Defence forces trains its personnel to produce a self-confident, disciplined soldier who is physically fit, well motiovated and equipped with the skills needed to survive on the battlefield and operate as a member of a team or crew. A soliders whole life development incudes Professional Development, Personal Development and Career Management. It is the process which maximises potential by building competence for a Defence Forces career while laying the foundation for success in later civilian life.


In November each year the Annual Defence Forces training directive is issued. It establishes Defence Forces annual training policy and assigns responsibilities for the training of Personnel and Units. The Army, Navy and Air Corps base their annual training programme on this directive. It lists all military courses, courses for continuous professional development, instructor courses, adventure courses and activities, sport and sporting fixtures and Defence Forces competitions for the forthcoming year.

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Career Development

The aim of development is to maximise your effectiveness and potential by rewarding, managing and utilising your ability to meet current and future needs of the Defence Forces.

Engineer Search Teams during a training course

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