Roles of the ARW

The Army Ranger Wing is an integral unit of the Defence Forces. Its roles are divided into Conventional Warfare roles and specialist ATCP roles. It also has an established role in the advancement of standards within the Defence Forces.

Military Tasks

Offensive Operations Behind Enemy Lines:

  • Securing of vital objectives
  • Long Range Patrolling
  • Raids
  • Ambushes
  • Sabotage
  • Capture of Key Personnel
  • Diversionary Operations
  • Intelligence Gathering

Defensive Operations:

  • VIP Protection
  • Counter Insurgency
  • Training in and Conduct of Specialist Operations
  • Delay Operations

Aid to the Civil Power (Anti-Terrorist) Tasks

  • Anti-Hijack Operations
  • Hostage Rescue Operations
  • Airborne and Seaborne Interventions
  • Search Operations - Specialist Tasks on Land or Sea
  • Pursuit Operations
  • Recapture of Terrorist-Held Objectives
  • VIP Security Operations/Close Protection of VIPs
  • Contingency Planning to Counter Terrorist/Subversive Threat

Advancement of Defence Forces Standards

The ARW contributes to the improvement of standards in military and related skills throughout the Defence Forces by:

  • Testing and Evaluation of Equipment for the Defence Forces
  • Organising and Participating in Defence Forces Training Exercises
  • Conducting Specialist Courses
  • Returning ARW personnel to all Corps of the Defence Forces

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