Cessna 172H

The Air Corps currently operates five Cessna FR172H aircraft. These aircraft first entered service in 1972 and operate seven days a week carrying out a wide variety of roles for the Air Corps.

Although carrying out many different roles, the vast majority of operations in which the five Cessna FR172H aircraft are involved in, are aerial surveillance and monitoring of cash and prisoner & explosive escorts. Additionally, a vital secure communications link is provided to ground units which may not otherwise be achievable during operations in remote and mountainous areas. Excellent slow flight characteristics, high wing for ground surveillance, coupled with endurance in excess of four hours makes these aircraft an ideal platform for such operations.


  • Escort Surveillance & Monitoring
  • Inshore Fishery Patrol
  • Drogue Towing
  • General Utility
Cessna Statistics

Aircraft Type

Cessna FR172 H


Escort surveillance & monitoring, inshore fishery patrol, drogue towing and general utility


1 Pilot
1 Signalman or Drogue Operator (Role dependent)


1 x Continental IO-360-D

Wing Span

11.15 metres (36 feet 7 inches)


2.68 metres (8 feet 9 inches)


8.17 metres (26 feet 9 inches)


Not Applicable

Entered Service


Cessna Performance

Max T/O Weight

1,157 Kilograms (2,548 pounds)

Service Ceiling

10,000 feet

Cruise Speed

110 knots

Maximum Speed

161 knots


4 hours, 30 minutes


500 nautical miles

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